A picture of myself

I'm Giada and I'm a photographer specializing in wedding reportage.

I was born in Turin, a city of art and magic. And it is in the streets of this city that my passion for photography was born. I have always been sentimental, in love with love and everything that this feeling can arouse in people.

Accomplicing glances, fleeting kisses and imperceptible details have always been my greatest source of inspiration. For this reason, in a succession of events that have crossed my path, I have chosen to devote myself to wedding photography and specifically to reportage.

My ability to capture people's spontaneity could only be combined with the most spontaneous thing that exists: love.
And this is how I will tell the day of your wedding: with discretion and a wealth of details.

I will be moved and smile with you.

Mine is a serious and profound study that for years has allowed me to grow and expand my visual baggage not only directly on the field of my weddings but also by carefully watching weddings of gurus and mentors of reportage photography from all over the world.

I would describe my work as a search for perfection in imperfection.
The detailed story of the most beautiful day for a couple, made with a wealth of details but also with discretion.
The best compliment that the spouses give me after seeing the photos is that it seems to them to relive the wedding day through my shots with details that not even they remembered.

My success, and the reason why I invite you to choose me, is just that: I will tell your story, your special day, your love with a fresh, young, spontaneous and as natural approach as possible. For me, you exist, with your strengths and weaknesses that make you unique and that I'm sure are the ones that allowed your other half to fall in love with you. I am interested in your looks, the embarrassed smiles when you look at each other after saying that "yes" at the altar, the kisses and the hands that cross as you walk side by side. In a word, I'm interested in you, and my camera and I will do everything in our power to give you the perfect images to describe who you are.


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