“Photographing is a way of life. But life is important, not photography. It is important to tell. If you start from photography you get nowhere else than photography.”
Ferdinando Scianna
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“Giada is simply unbelievable. Her shots come to life. We chose her for our wedding (and also for a maternity photo shoot with the belly) and she was a precise and impeccable professional. Always available, easy to contact, affable and kind, but first of all a photographer who can make you move in every shot: her talent in reportage services makes the photos not just simple memories, but a present, still vivid moment! I would choose her a thousand more times!”

Eleonora & Lorenzo

“I have always thought that wedding photos were memories so important that they cannot be entrusted to any professional, and here I met Giada! As a Neapolitan now abroad for quite a few years, I was looking for a photographer who could not only report on our event that lasted 3 days (in Naples, in the height of summer and with over 200 guests), but who could create shots with the eyes of the artist who comes from afar, of the foreigner who looks at the same city of Naples with eyes intrigued by people, art, history and culture! I wanted to be able to recognize myself in the shots and not look like a "Virgin Mary", as I had seen in many shots of well-known photographers in my city. Yes, Giada has managed to make everything true with her freshness, authenticity and professionalism... Seeing her photos again gives me chills! I don't know how she does it, but the photos of her express emotions, as if she with her room could read you inside her! I am happy because in addition to being a great photographer, I met a beautiful person, and I am sure that she will continue to accompany us in the most important moments of our family! Merçi beaucoup Giada! :-)”

Mariachiara & Carlo

“Simple! If you want to get excited every time in reviewing the shots of your day, choose her. Giada is a talent! Not just in her shots but as a person! Sensitive, sweet and attentive! She is able to understand what you want: your style, your dreams. She puts you at ease and she manages not to make you think too much about the pose but to enjoy your day! The best day of our life passed as we had always dreamed of, between happiness, tears, smiles, kisses and hugs! In all of this we didn't bother with the pose, with forcing a hug, a kiss, a caress or a smile. Her relationship with her has always been natural, both on her wedding day and before and after! She was understanding, helpful and flexible in everything! The end result in the photos and video is a thrill behind her back, a lump in her throat and tears every time she sees each other again! You have been able to grasp unprecedented and wonderful nuances and details! Our friends and relatives when they saw it all were moved with us! This photographer and her collaborators are simply in another category! Thanks for everything really! You are special!”

Michela & Manuel

“We got married the day before yesterday and we were lucky enough to meet this very special person for us who told our story with her photographs .. You can't understand the love this girl feels for her work until she meet, it seems to see a girl on her first date with the right person: look at her photos speak for themselves. Having had her was a fortune, she enters your story, lives it and tells it: I have seen many wedding photographers but a person who, in addition to doing her job well, gets inside her is priceless. It is worth every penny: if you think her photos of her are beautiful, meet her, and whoever loves sincere, spontaneous, exciting and natural things, I'm sure she will choose her for her wedding. If I recommend it? You can't do without it for your day.”

Alessia & Matteo

“Fun: You will think why I put fun in the title, here I was not looking for a set photographer, for a wedding, but I was looking for spontaneity for that day and with her I found it. I immediately got in tune with her, her way of photographing and capturing details, lights or colors made me and still makes me crazy. She that day she will be able to put you at ease and entertain you. I recommend her 100%, she is professional but at the same time friendly, focused on work but at the same time sunny. Big Jade, thanks again for giving an image to our big day.”

Elena & Luca

“I came across Giada thanks to a site where I was looking for ideas and ideas for my wedding. As soon as I saw her photos I immediately thought "Here, these are the photos that I like!". Even my fiance (now husband), of rather difficult tastes, was pleasantly surprised. Right from the start Giada made herself very available and open to meet our needs. During the ceremony and the rest of the day she was able to immortalize moments and details that I hadn't even noticed, giving us wonderful images that, already with a little nostalgia, will make us relive one of the most beautiful and exciting days of ours. life.”

Alessandra & Attilio

“Defining Giada and her collaborators Giorgio and Giulia in a few words is difficult. With us they were fantastic, not at all intrusive, she hardly noticed their presence. Always very kind and very helpful we had a lot of fun with them during the shots of our wedding. They are such pleasant people that it almost seemed like they were friends rather than suppliers. We absolutely recommend Giada for your photographs because she is really a smart and special girl.”

Valentina & Giorgio

“A perfect reportage! For our wedding we were looking for a person who could tell the day without making us feel "paparazzati", with Giada it was just like that. She was a discreet presence, but always present, and she gave us a photo report of our day full of emotions, smiles and precious details! Super!”

Elena & Daniele

“Professionalism and style. Giada was perfect! The service provided by her and her staff was impeccable and extremely discreet and natural. On the day of the event, nothing was left to chance, thanks to a detailed planning and at the same time equipped with the necessary flexibility to manage the inevitable inconveniences of a wedding. Thank you for making that day even more special by leaving us with wonderful memories to relive forever!”

Vittoria & Luigi

“Great freshness and professionalism distinguish Giada, who with her attentive and punctual gaze was able to capture and tell through her photos. She definitely put us at ease. Super recommended! Too bad she didn't have any more stars, she deserved at least ten!”

Monia & Manuel

“Great freshness and professionalism distinguish Giada, who with her attentive and punctual gaze was able to capture and tell through her photos. She definitely put us at ease. Super recommended! Too bad she didn't have any more stars, she deserved at least ten!”

Cassandra & Carlo

“Giada has taken steps to better organize the photo / video aspect of our day making herself very available from every point of view, economic and organizational. She immediately put us at the center of attention making us protagonists of the organization of the event. Her advice enlightened us especially regarding the location of the photos which was different from the one we chose. Trust me and let us advise you, she knows what she does! The weather that day was very, very uncertain, on the verge of rain but she managed to make those moments unforgettable as well as aesthetically beautiful from the point of view of photographic rendering. She is always present but at the same time never indiscreet. She and her colleague barely saw each other during the party but managed to capture every moment of that beautiful day. Punctual and precise. The video service that she created in a short time with maximum yield is also excellent. Fully satisfied with our choice. Don't be fooled by her young age, Giada is much more professional, helpful and competent than many famous names.”

Pierpaolo & Fernando

“There was immediately a great harmony with Giada: her high quality reportage-journalistic photographic style was what we were looking for to capture the best moments of that day! She is precise, meticulous, creative, she was able to tell the emotions of our marriage with photographs. We thank you for your great availability, kindness and originality. Thanks for the tips and patience! We highly recommend it.”

Martina & Salvador

“We immediately fell in love with her style, different from all the other photographers we had asked for information: the spontaneity, the details, the colors. She knows how to capture the moment without having to "create" it. In the church and in the restaurant we hardly noticed her presence, at the castle the watchword was "pampering", everything else came by itself and we are really more than satisfied. Her collaborators are also helpful and professional. Initially we just wanted the album, then we asked for the video too and it was a great choice: great image quality and beautiful editing. Talented Giada!”

Ilaria & Luca

“A photographer with all the trimmings. We couldn't expect anything more than what we received. A person who is attentive to details, professional and fun! I absolutely recommend it, because one like this is not so easy to find! Thanks Giada for taking your time!”

Carlotta & Salvatore

“When choosing the wedding photographer, we were struck by the naturalness of Giada's photos. My husband and I are a bit shy in front of the lens and we wanted something spontaneous. Giada was exceptional, she and her colleague Giorgio were very discreet. It was a pleasure to work with Giada and the photos were far beyond expectations: we were moved by many even after a few months. Moments were captured that I didn't even remember or didn't realize. Giada was professional, creative and helpful and I highly recommend her. Every time we look at the photos (and the video) we seem to relive that day in loop. Thank you very much for the splendid work you have done.”

Giulia & John

“Giada is fantastic and very professional. She makes the most important day of your life unique and she manages to capture dream moments and immortalize them forever. Truly a flawless service that left me totally satisfied! Simply perfect.”

Doriana & Francesco

“Giada gave us some wonderful shots, she managed to photograph the most beautiful moments of our wedding without us even noticing. She is a girl with modern ideas, very professional, available all day, from the preparations to the actual cutting of the cake. The posed photos and the shots of the children are also very beautiful, so she has a real gift.”

Viviana & Andrea

“Giada was very patient and discreet and although we were a little awkward, she managed to make us feel at ease and steal some absolutely unique shots! Very good indeed!”

Zora & Nicola

“It was an important day and Giada managed to capture the emotions of that unique day. She has a keen eye and her photographs of her are accurate in every detail, she is a great professional! I recommend you contact her!”

Barbara & Luca


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