Monika & Riccardo

location: Marriott Praia D'El Rey
dress: Atelier Emé
makeup artist: Catarina Duque

Portugal: I love it from the first time I set foot there. What a wonderful land, what food and atmosphere, and then the music, the scent of the ocean. I love it almost as much as Italy!

When Monika and Rick called me to photograph their mini-wedding at the Marriott resort in Praia del Rey, near Obidos, I was thrilled! When do we leave?

And so I land in Lisbon in the company of my boyfriend who accompanied me on this business trip. We rent the car and off to the sea. We arrive at the resort in the early afternoon, the crisp air of the end of September teases us but it is not the air that gives us goosebumps, but the scenario that opens up before us.

I had seen some pictures on the internet but I didn't think it could exceed my expectations so much.

A sandy driveway, dunes rich in vegetation, a few fences and very few meters separated us from the ocean. Open, immense, stormy, defiant, beautiful. It was there and I was shaking. The following evening I rolled in the sand to photograph Monika and Rick who, in love and beautiful as the sun, had just sworn eternal love.

The Marriott in Praia del Rey is one of the places that I hold dearest in my heart because it was able to host one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever photographed (and attended) with intimacy and elegance.

Thank you Portugal, you are always in my heart!