Sunhee & Derek

"Hi Giada, we are leaving from Texas and the day after tomorrow we will be in the Dolomites to get married! ALONE!"

This was the message I got from Sunhee and Derek!

Shocked and excited, I immediately gave my availability and ran to Alta Badia, near Ortisei.

The intimate and delicate ceremony, their sincere and unsettling tears, the hands that intertwined like those of two actors in a classic film made me fall in love with this couple.

After the ceremony celebrated in a chapel inside the Freudenstein Castle, we headed to Ortisei to take the helicopter that took us on a tour of the marvelous mountain range whose beating heart is Monte Seceda.

Flying in a helicopter is fantastic, it was my first time and I was very excited but I couldn't stop taking pictures! We had a privileged view over the whole valley, it felt like we could touch the mountains with a finger! I thank Elikos for the professionalism with which he accompanied us.

And here is the Seceda, who was looking at us and waiting for us!

We landed right there, next to Baita Sofie, the restaurant at the highest point of Val Gardena and started a wonderful couple photo session, accompanied by a champagne toast at 2500 meters! What unforgettable moments.

I always thank my work for making me live similar experiences.